SpringStone Summer of Love Offering

Online Options Still Available!

Any and all contributions to SpringStone gain event access.

Share some love with SpringStone! Due to the effects of COVID-19, our favorite mini-retreat studio had to close its physical doors for a time. Now things are opening back up and the SpringStone instructors have come together to create an offering like no other! To show support for the studio, instructors have created a Summer of Love event package with a combination of offerings you can attend in-person, virtually, or on your own time at home. The best part is that YOU decide how much you can contribute to support the studio!  Any and all  contributions get access to all event offerings (limited space for vineyard yoga), and all proceeds go toward keeping our studio space open.

or Venmo @Tanaya-Larsen
include your email and RSVP for Vineyard Yoga

Explore Your Core Workshop with Tanaya Larsen


Recorded Video Series


Discover stability with progressive, sensible movement options to wake up, stretch, and engage the core. Be prepared for creative movements to challenge the brain-body connection as well as stretches to feel great. This video-workshop comes with 5 short (5-10 min) videos for you to try at home all at once, or once a day (movement break) for 5 days!



Radical Compassion Guided Meditation With Lynne Jacobs



In the comfort of your own home, join Lynne for this powerful guided meditation that helps us navigate through difficult times and emotions with more compassion, presence and resilience. This guided meditation is for everyone, even new students to meditation. There will be a brief talk to set up for our meditation followed by a 15 minute guided meditation. All you will need is a comfortable seat at home to practice.

Partner Yoga



$35/couple in advance; $40 at door


Connect with your partner as we explore yoga based on trust, communication, balance, surrender, and outrageous fun!

Bring a friend, partner, spouse, sibling, parent, or yoga buddy! No yoga experience necessary.