Tanaya Larsen, Owner

Tanaya truly believes that anyone can benefit from yoga regardless of flexibility, experience, age, or injury. Her love for yoga developed once seeing the progress it made on her stiff body and the complimentary nature it brought to her running routine and life. She completed her Registered Yoga Teacher training in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, where she taught for five years before making Rome (and SpringStone) her home.  Using her background and degree in Exercise Science, Tanaya's classes use science-based approaches to inspire students to be curious about their experience and adapt each movement for a personal transformative experience. Students can expect to connect with breath, strengthen the body and calm the mind. After working in the health promotion field and having three children, Tanaya has started a new adventure in becoming the new owner of SpringStone! She has big dreams to make yoga more prevalent around Rome, and she invites others to share their love of it as well.  In addition to yoga, Tanaya loves running, reading, baking, hiking, and having adventures with her husband and crazy kids!

Lynne Jacobs, Founder

Lynne is gifted in her ability to meet students where they are and make yoga accessible to everyone. She works with a wide range of students from all ages and abilities in a thriving private yoga therapy practice and group classes. Knowing that students come to yoga in different phases of life, Lynne encourages students to listen to their own body, adapt the postures to their unique body, play with their limits without exceeding them, and have compassionate self-observation. Her teachings integrate mindfulness, meditation, and sensory awareness enabling students to find a greater understanding and awareness of themselves both on and off the mat.  Lynne began her yoga practice in 2000 and is a certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and is also a E-RYT- 500hr instructor with Yoga Alliance.  Along with her formal yoga training, Lynne is a student and practitioner of mindfulness meditation. She currently only offers limited private sessions.

Gayle Monk

First introduced to yoga fifteen years ago, Gayle has been a practitioner under the tutelage of first Sue Hopkins and later Lynne Jacobs. In 2012 she obtained her 200-hour teaching certification with Yoga Alliance, and then her 300-hour certification in 2015. Perhaps owing to her 36-year career as an elementary school teacher, most recently with Darlington School, Gayle enjoys sharing her love for yoga with students of all levels. When not on the mat, Gayle enjoys reading, hiking, line dancing and playing hand bells with her church choir. She also enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Charlie. 

Kyra Buchanan

Kyra believes that a yoga is a practice to regulate the body's nervous system through different movements, breath-work and intention. Her yoga journey began in 2015 when her friend dragged her to her sister's first yoga class. She was inspired by her instructor's ability to create a safe space while leading her through intentional movement. After two years in her practice, Kyra attended a 200-hr training in California and graduated in 2018. She continues in her practice today and feels grateful to lead other students in their practice. In her spare time Kyra loves to read, meditate outside and spend quality time with her husband and daughter!

Frank Kenney

Frank is certified by the Tai Chi for Health Institute and has taught seniors, persons with traumatic brain injuries, the blind and mixed-age groups for 10 years. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition of slow, focused, graceful movement and is recognized by Harvard Medical School as one of the 5 most effective exercises and #1 for improving and maintaining good balance.Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005, Frank continues to stay active and sees Tai Chi as the perfect means to address his medical condition and limitations. The forms of Tai Chi you’ll learn in Frank’s class can be performed standing or seated and are a great way to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.


Jennifer Bressette

Jennifer is a Special Education teacher who began practicing yoga 6 years ago as a way to enhance her running recovery and manage the stress of raising 4 teenagers.  She soon realized how much more there was to yoga. She felt that movement and mindfulness could benefit not only her students  but all children by helping them live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle .  She completed her 200 hour registered teacher training in March of 2021 through Yoga Farm Ithaca  and has her Children’s Yoga certification through Kidding Around Yoga.  In addition to yoga Jennifer loves to read, hike, cook, and travel with her husband and children.  Jennifer teaches Kids Yoga classes.

Shelly Peller 

Shelly is a practicing physical therapist and has been infusing principles of yoga into her treatment sessions for many years.  She became a certified yoga instructor while studying with Lynne Jacobs/Springstone Yoga in 2015, is registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT 200 level and actively participates in continuing education to learn new ways to blend her yoga and physical therapy experiences.  While embracing the connection of mind, body and spirit, her background complements her focus on adapting and modifying postures for herself and for the individual student. Emphasis is placed on acceptance, compassion and freedom, rather than expecting conformation to a certain ideal. Shelly loves to share and explore the yogic path with others while infusing this exploration with a bit of playfulness, inner joy and laughter.