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Private Sessions

​Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one. Private instruction provides a setting in which you have the opportunity to have the practice designed for you with your goals and special needs in mind.


Our approach to teaching yoga guides each person in developing a practice that is relevant to his or her own body and life experience.  We work with a diverse range of students – applying yoga uniquely to each person. 


     Common Goals for Private Instruction


  • Yoga Therapy/Special Needs Instruction: For individuals that have needs that are not met by group classes.

  • Personalized Yoga Coaching:  Personalized help to deepen their yoga practice.

  • Home Practice Development: A home practice consultation includes evaluation of your personal goals, strategizing how to make your practice consistent, and a written practice plan.

  • Getting Beginners Started in Yoga and/or Meditation: Private yoga and meditation instruction for beginners lays the foundation for a regular practice. Private session’s for beginners are most effective when done in a series of at least 3 sessions.


Rates start at $65 / hour for individuals and vary per instructor.  Please contact us to schedule a private session with one of our instructors or call 706-591-8893.

*Our cancellation policy: Private sessions cancelled with less than a 24hr notice will be charged in full for their missed session.

Retreats and Workshops are also available to meet the needs of your group. Please contact us for information and to make future arrangements.

Private Sessions with Tanaya

​Work toward your goals on your schedule in a private and inviting space. Tanaya is known for incorporating multiple scientifically proven exercise modalities into a mindful yoga practice to help you achieve your movement goals and so much more. Her goal is to help you gain the benefits from yoga that you are looking for; anything from sport-specific goals to de-stressing from a busy day. Purchase a 6-session start up package to get $30 off! Email or call/text 706.591.8893 for details.


Teacher Mentoring with Lynne Jacobs

Lynne Jacobs, E-RYT 500, Director of SpringStone Yoga Teacher Training Program, is also available for teacher mentoring private sessions.  Lynne is a mentor to current teachers needing help in all aspects of teaching group classes and working with private clients and can also assist on managing the business side of teaching yoga.  Please contact Lynne to schedule a mentoring session.  Standard private session rates apply.

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