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About Us

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality yoga experience possible!


Our center is a welcoming place made up of students and teachers from all ages and walks of life. We are committed to providing you a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere that allows you to truly unwind and transform your mind and body and connect to vitality through the process of yoga. Our classes are small, allowing for personalized instruction in a non-competitive environment.


Yoga is a practice for everyone, the flexible, the inflexible, the strong, and the weak, and all states in-between. No matter what state we are in when we begin, yoga is a tool to move toward a healthier mind and body. Whether you are beginner or a seasoned practitioner, SpringStone Yoga offers the guidance to experience the full benefits of practice.


"My experience with SpringStone yoga has been a very big part of a lifestyle change. The chronic knot in my neck and shoulders is gone; and so much tension that I was carrying in my body has dissipated and I don't suffer as much from stress and I sleep so much better."                  ~ Patty

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