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Explore Your Core

5-Part Video Series with Tanaya Larsen

Discover stability with progressive, sensible movement options to wake up, stretch, and engage the core. Be prepared for creative movements to challenge the brain-body connection as well as stretches to feel great. This video-workshop comes with 5 short (8-15 min) videos for you to try at home all at once, or once a day  (movement break) for 5 days!

Part 1: Feel

For our first segment of this five part series, we lengthen, strengthen, and FEEL our core using different seated, supine, and standing poses. Equipment: strap (belt or scarf works) and a wall.

Part 2: Spiral

"Rinse" out your spine in this quick core video with movements utilizing multiple planes and directions.

Part 3: Roll

Equipment needed: Blanket for hard floors OR 2 paper or plastic plates for carpet (we need it to slide). Work to move your core through cat and cow variations, side extensions, blanket slides and more. Class is entirely on knees.

Part 4: Blast

Not your typical crunch workout. We'll get creative while strengthening your abs! Equipment: Yoga block or thick book.

Part 5: Put it Together

This short workout puts core work into bigger, multi-directional movement. See how the core is involved with balance poses and supporting the rest of the body. Equipment: Strap (belt, necktie, or hand towel also work)

​Tanaya truly believes that yoga is for every body regardless of flexibility, experience, age, or injury. Her love for yoga developed once seeing the progress it made on her stiff body and the complimentary nature it brought to her running routine and, soon after, her life. Tanaya completed her Yoga Alliance certification in Boulder, Colorado in 2010. She holds a degree in Exercise Science and spent ten years working in various fields of health promotion. Tanaya’s approach to teaching is playful and creative, with classes designed to help students move safely and mindfully to create space in both body and mind. Expect to be challenged, but have fun! 

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